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Published on: 30/08/18 by Justine

The first time I came across Adelphi was during a visit to the Speyside whisky festival way back in 2007. My friend and I went to a whisky and chocolate tasting hosted by Alex Bruce and, to be honest, we’d never heard of Adelphi before; we only went because the tickets for our first choice event had sold out.

Well, a big thank you to all those people who bought tickets to the other event as it was at that moment that I caught the Adelphi bug. For the last ten years, I’ve spent the first hour of many a whisky festival loitering around the Adelphi stand like some kind of weird whisky stalker.

adelphi whisky

This independent bottler, with strong links to Fife, bottles single cask, cask strength whisky with the number of bottles ranging from 100 to 700. The whisky is all naturally coloured and non-chill filtered. Oh…and delicious. Absolutely delicious.

As for the Adelphi team, well, they’re a busy bunch of people. As well as their single cask offerings, Adelphi also created The Glover – a fusion of Scotch and Japanese malt whiskies – in 2015 shortly after opening their very own distillery – Ardnamurchan – in 2014.

As well as the impressive single cask offerings, 2018’s Fife Whisky Festival goers were able to taste the Fusion range: Glover 4 Edition, E&K, Winter Queen and Brisbane. We were very lucky indeed that the last one was launching in Melbourne and Cupar almost simultaneously!

adelphi whisky

We’re absolutely delighted that the Adelphi team will be returning to the 2019 Fife Whisky Festival on 9th March. Be sure to pay them a visit on the day.