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Ben Nevis Whisky

Ben Nevis

Published on: 31/01/19 by Justine

Ben Nevis went down a storm at last year’s Fife Whisky Festival! So we’re delighted that the team has chosen to return to Cupar and, this time, they’ll be bringing a very special release with them.

Ben Nevis Whisky

Ben Nevis Distillery was established in 1825 in Fort William by John Macdonald. It’s one of the oldest (licensed) distilleries in Scotland uniquely situated at the foot of Scotland’s / Britain’s highest mountain.

For a number of years, the distillery was owned by Joseph Hobbs who also owned Lochside distillery. Both distilleries shared one characteristic; they both produced not only malt, but also grain, whisky in the same building.

Ben Nevis Whisky

The Japanese distilling giant, Nikka, now owns Ben Nevis distillery and approximately half of all its new make spirit is sent to them to use in their Nikka blends.

However, the distillery produces some superb spirit to be matured here in Scotland culminating in some wonderful whisky ! As well as some very fine single malts, the range includes the Nevis Dew blends and McDonald’s Glencoe blended malt.

Be sure to head over to the Ben Nevis stand on 9th March and say hi to the team!