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Daftmill Fife Whisky Festival

Daftmill Distillery

Published on: 12/10/19 by Justine

We’re delighted that Daftmill Distillery will be returning to the Corn Exchange in Cupar on 7th March to join us for the 2020 Fife Whisky Festival!

Fife Whisky Festival

For those of you who are unaware of the background to Daftmill, in 2003, two brothers – Francis and Ian Cuthbert – applied for planning permission to convert the old mill into a distillery and the first spirit came off the stills in December 2005. Last year saw the inaugural, summer and winter releases of the much anticipated single malt from this Fife distillery and very well received they were too!

Amongst other activities, Daftmill Farm grows malting barley and about one hundred tons is kept for the distillery’s own use. Details of the barley appear on the reverse of the bottles avoiding any confusion; this is a Fife whisky through and through!

Daftmill Fife Whisky Festival

Since Francis and Hazel poured some of Daftmill’s delights at 2019’s event, we’ve seen three single cask releases appear here in the UK. As well as a bottling from a first fill sherry butt for Berry Bros & Rudd, there have been two bottlings from bourbon casks; one by Royal Mile Whiskies and one, from a first fill bourbon barrel, released by FWF on site retailer and all round Fife whisky legends, Luvians.

Daftmill Fife Whisky Festival

As one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, situated near Bow of Fife just outside Cupar, it is the closest distillery to our festival venue.

Daftmill Fife Whisky Festival

All of the single cask and small batch releases simply flew off the shelves. Obviously, given the current ‘health’ of the secondary market, some of these bottles have found their way on to the auction sites going for significantly increased prices. Certain whiskies have become a commodity lately which is perhaps a shame; especially as this fresh and fruity single malt is delicious and absolutely deserves to be savoured!

However, don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to head to the Daftmill stand and enjoy what’s on offer!