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Eden Mill

Published on: 12/09/18 by Justine

As well as celebrating the talents of so many whisky makers from all over Scotland, here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ we’re revelling in the renaissance of whisky making in the Kingdom. So, we’re over the moon that the lovely folks at Eden Mill will be joining us once again on 9th March.

Eden Mill whisky

Eden Mill is the first combined distillery and brewery in Scotland. Although whisky making has only recently returned to Guardbridge, the place itself has quite the whisky making heritage. Converted to a paper mill in 1872, it was previously known as Seggie Distillery, founded in 1810 by none other than William Haig of the illustrious Haig family. The distillery continued until 1860 when it was transformed into the Guard Bridge Paper Mill.

In 2012, the site reopened as Eden Mill Brewery and distilling returned to Guardbridge two years afterwards. Using smaller size casks for maturation, and employing an innovative wood policy, Eden Mill’s whisky came of legal age this year and releases of their first single malts have been very well received. Eden Mill is currently in the process of building its brand new distillery at the Guardbridge site.

Eden Mill Whisky


We’re looking forward to welcoming back Caitlin and Euan to 2019’s Fife Whisky Festival!

Eden Mill Whisky