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Fraiser Scotch Whisky Liqueur

Fraiser Whisky Liqueur

Published on: 27/11/19 by Justine

For those of you partial to a cheeky malternative now and then, we have the perfect thing! The good folk from Fraiser will be bringing their tasty whisky liqueur to the Fife Whisky Festival for the third year in a row!

Fraiser Fife Whisky Festival

Fraiser is a unique whisky liqueur; a blend of Scotch whisky infused with wild strawberries. At previous FWF events, it’s safe to say that this has gone down a storm.

Created by John Smith, who spent over 35 years in the whisky industry, including time at Glenmorangie as Head Blender, this delicious liqueur is perfect for both new and seasoned whisky drinkers alike who are looking for something a little different.

Fraiser Fife Whisky Festival

As well as the wild strawberries, there are notes of vanilla, almond and cinnamon which, when blended with the Scotch whisky, give Fraiser its unique taste.

It’s ideal for cocktails and both Norman and Donald will talk you through some of the recipes and give you an opportunity to taste them. How about a Strawberry and Elderflower Fizz? Or a Fraiser Royal?

Fraiser Fife Whisky Festival

Of course, bottles will be available to buy on the day through our onsite retailer, Luvians, so that you can try out these cocktail suggestions, and some creations of your own, at home.

We’re delighted that Norman and Donald will be returning to the Corn Exchange in Cupar for the third Fife Whisky Festival. Be sure to head over to the Fraiser stand to say hi and enjoy some of their strawberrylicious liqueur!