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Published on: 18/09/18 by Justine

Here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ, we’re delighted that the InchDairnie team will be returning to Cupar on 9th March.

First point: The Glenrothes (the whisky) doesn’t come from Glenrothes (the town); it comes from Rothes in Speyside. Second point: Glenrothes, the town, has its very own distillery and it’s called InchDairnie. Right; that’s cleared that up.


Distilling started at InchDairnie at the end of 2015. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any InchDairnie whisky on the shelves before 2025. Ian Palmer, who has over 40 years’ experience in the Scotch whisky industry, has decided to wait until the InchDairnie single malt is at least a decade old before releasing it.

In the meantime, InchDairnie produces spirit to be used in Macduff International’s blends and we must remain patient, waiting for its single malt to reach perfection.

What will the InchDairnie team will be pouring?

What’s inside the ‘Black Box’?

You’ll need to head along on 9th March to find out!