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Konrad Borkowski Photography

Published on: 2/01/19 by Justine

Konrad Borkowski is an award winning photographer and author specialising in documentary, lifestyle and whisky photography. He lives on the Isle of Jura, but photographs mainly on the whisky island of Islay as well as other locations worldwide.

His images have featured in a variety of publications including The Times, Planet Golf, GQ Germany, Italian Internazionale and Cathay Pacific Discovery Magazine. He has also worked on a range of commissions from corporate clients such as Mo√ęt Hennessy, Beam Suntory, Whyte & Mackay and Kilchoman Distillery.
Konrad is the co-author of the book “Whisky Island” of which he produced all the photographs. On 9th March, he will be displaying his whisky themed limited and open edition photographic prints from the book in addition to his latest assignments.
We’re delighted that Konrad will be joining us once again for the 2019 Fife Whisky Festival!
Konrad Borkowski