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Paul John Whisky Fife Whisky Festival

Paul John Whisky

Published on: 8/08/19 by Justine

At the time of writing, plans are well underway for the third Fife Whisky Festival and we’re delighted that Paul John Whisky has decided to join us to score their hat trick too!

Not only are we celebrating the revival of whisky making in Fife as well as revering the abundance of fantastic whiskies from all over Scotland, here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ we’re also big fans of Paul John: a whisky from much further afield.

Paul John Whisky Fife Whisky Festival

Paul John single malt whisky hails from Goa, India. Made from barley grown at the ‘foothills of the Himalayas’, and with both peated and unpeated expressions in the range, these single malts have won award after award and all have proven to be a big hit with Fife Whisky Festival goers.

In the Flagship range, the Brilliance, Edited and Bold expressions are bottled at 46% and are all unchillfiltered. The Select Cask range, however, includes higher strength bottlings with whisky chosen from specific casks creating more distinct flavour profiles.

Paul John Whisky Fife Whisky Festival

The distillery has also recently experimented with different cask finishes with one such experiment resulting in The Oloroso, bottled at 57.4%.

The climate in Goa, where the warehouses are situated, causes the whisky to mature differently to that in Scotland for example. The higher temperatures not only ‘accelerate’ the maturation process but also increase the rate of evaporation. The angels’ share in Scotland is often quoted as being around 2% per year; in India it’s thought to be as high as 10%. And we thought we had happy angels here!

We’re delighted that The Great Indian Single Malt is returning to 2020’s Fife Whisky Festival with either Shilton or Craig (or maybe even both – what a fantastic double act that would be!) guiding you through the superb Paul John range.