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SPEY Fife Whisky Festival


Published on: 30/08/19 by Justine

As the Fife Whisky Festival grows each year, we love welcoming back previous exhibitors and welcoming new ones in equal measure. Joining us for 2020’s event in Cupar in March will be the superb SPEY Whisky.

SPEY is from Speyside Distillery, just off the A9 at Kingussie with magnificent views of the Cairngorms. The whisky itself has an interesting history.

SPEY Fife Whisky Festival

The distillery founders, John and Robert Harvey began by founding Yoker Distillery in 1770, which was just outside Glasgow, and then later Dundashill and Bruichladdich distilleries. The company itself struggled with the aftermath of the Pattison Crash at the end of the 19th century and was acquired by Distillers Company Ltd a few years later.

DCL focused on Harvey’s blending and export interests but then along came Prohibition in the States. During this time, the company was led by Alec Harvey. He ingeniously used an abandoned stately home in the north east of England to store the whisky from the Scottish distillery before smuggling it across the water to New York and Chicago.

These days, such dodgy dealings are no more and Paul Dempsey can showcase the range of SPEY whisky wares openly and freely! We’re delighted that the SPEY team will be joining us for the first time at next year’s Fife Whisky Festival.

SPEY Fife Whisky FestivalThere’s plenty of choice – Royal, Chairman’s and Byron’s to be precise. As well as the Tenne, Trutina and Fumare, the range also includes an 18 year old age statement.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming Paul and the SPEY team to the Kingdom of Fife in March. Be sure to head over and taste the fantastic range on offer.