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Springbank Fife Whisky Festival


Published on: 5/09/19 by Justine

The A83 is a long road isn’t it? A lengthy but beautiful drive leading to Springbank Distillery in the Wee Toon.

Springbank is actually the oldest independent family owned distillery in Scotland. Founded and owned by the Mitchell family since 1828, the distillery also produces two other single malts: Longrow (heavily peated) and Hazelburn (unpeated).

So when you visit the distillery in Campbeltown, you get three for the price of one. And that’s without mentioning Glengyle just along the road.

What’s also unique about Springbank is that it’s the only distillery to complete the entire production process, from malting 100% of their barley using traditional malting floors to the final bottling, on site.

If you visit the distillery, you’ll not find too many computers! Most of the work is carried out by actual humans. Of course, times change and technology advances but when you visit Springbank distillery, it’s great to see that certain traditions are being kept alive.

Springbank Fife Whisky Festival

We’re big fans and we know you are too. Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn have all proved extremely popular with previous Fife Whisky Festival goers and we can’t see it being any different at next year’s event. Whether it’s the latest cask strength release or the latest in the Longrow Red series, we’re also certain that these bottles will be snapped up pretty quickly!

Springbank Fife Whisky Festival

We can’t wait to welcome back Grant and the Springbank team to Cupar. We know it’s a long drive from the Wee Toon to the Kingdom so we’re delighted that they’ll be making the journey for the third year in a row and scoring a hat-trick with us! Although we don’t know exactly what they’ll be pouring, we do know that it’ll be cracking whisky.