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Published on: 24/01/19 by Justine

At last, at last; Daftmill has arrived and we’re delighted that the Daftmill team will be joining us for the 2019 Fife Whisky Festival.

As one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries, situated near Bow of Fife just outside Cupar, it is the closest distillery to our festival venue.

In 2003, two brothers, Francis and Ian Cuthbert, applied for planning permission to convert the old mill into a distillery and the first spirit came off the stills in December 2005. Last year saw the inaugural and summer releases of the much anticipated single malt from this Fife distillery and very well received they were too!

Daftmill(Photo courtesy of Jason Julier)

Amongst other activities, Daftmill Farm grows malting barley and about one hundred tons is kept for the distillery’s own use. Details of the barley appear on the reverse of the bottles avoiding any confusion; this is a Fife whisky through and through!

This fresh and fruity 12 year old single malt is delicious. However, don’t just take our word for it; head over to the Daftmill stand on 9th March and discover their whisky yourself.



lindores abbey distillery

Lindores Abbey Distillery

Published on: 2/10/18 by Justine

My first visit to Lindores Abbey was back in March 2016 and, as you can see from the photo, work on the distillery had yet to start.

Well, what a difference a couple of years makes! The distillery is complete and the stills are now running. Even though I had visited Lindores a few times since that first ‘pilgrimage’ and thought the distillery would prove to be a well thought out visitor experience, Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith have exceeded expectations.

For those of you who are unaware, it’s widely acknowledged that the Exchequer Roll of 1494 contains the first written reference to whisky in Scotland: John Cor, a monk at Lindores Abbey, was allowed “8 bolls of grain to make aqua vitae for the King”. Therefore, rather than creating gin whilst waiting for their spirit to mature, Lindores have decided to produce aqua vitae; more in keeping with the heritage of the site and the traditions of the Tironensian monks who arrived there in 1191.

Not only is this spectacular distillery the perfect venue for the 2019 Fife Whisky Festival Opening Dinner (read more here), we are delighted that Lindores Abbey Distillery, the newest (and yet, strangely, maybe also the oldest!) Fife distillery, will be joining us once again at the Corn Exchange in Cupar on 9th March.

lindores abbey distillery

Be sure to head over to chat to Drew, Helen, Tim, Andrew and Gary and taste the Lindores ‘water of life’.

lindores abbey distillery



Eden Mill

Published on: 12/09/18 by Justine

As well as celebrating the talents of so many whisky makers from all over Scotland, here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ we’re revelling in the renaissance of whisky making in the Kingdom. So, we’re over the moon that the lovely folks at Eden Mill will be joining us once again on 9th March.

Eden Mill whisky

Eden Mill is the first combined distillery and brewery in Scotland. Although whisky making has only recently returned to Guardbridge, the place itself has quite the whisky making heritage. Converted to a paper mill in 1872, it was previously known as Seggie Distillery, founded in 1810 by none other than William Haig of the illustrious Haig family. The distillery continued until 1860 when it was transformed into the Guard Bridge Paper Mill.

In 2012, the site reopened as Eden Mill Brewery and distilling returned to Guardbridge two years afterwards. Using smaller size casks for maturation, and employing an innovative wood policy, Eden Mill’s whisky came of legal age this year and releases of their first single malts have been very well received. Eden Mill is currently in the process of building its brand new distillery at the Guardbridge site.

Eden Mill Whisky


We’re looking forward to welcoming back Caitlin and Euan to 2019’s Fife Whisky Festival!

Eden Mill Whisky


Luvian's Whisky Shop, Cupar, Fife


Published on: 9/08/18 by Justine

We’re delighted that Luvians, from Fife, will be the onsite retailer for the 2019 Fife Whisky Festival. With over 30 years’ experience in the wine and spirits industry, rest assured that you’ll be in the hands of experts when making your purchases on 9th March.

Luvians was established in the early 80s, opening its first shop in Cupar on Christmas Eve, 1983. This might be thought of as a brave move considering that the early 80s was a difficult time for the whisky industry. Many distilleries were closed due to a drop in demand and it was also a time when the main focus was on blended whisky rather than single malts.

The move paid off! It illustrates the enthusiasm that the team of whisky ambassadors has always had and Luvians is now recognised as having one the most fantastic ranges, from the finest single malts to the best blends.

As well as having access to all tasting samples at our exhibitors’ stands, water and  a souvenir Glencairn glass to keep, your entrance fee also gives you a £5 Luvians voucher which you can redeem on the day against any bottle costing £35 or more.


Just Whisky Auctions (2018)

Published on: 14/01/18 by Justine

We’re delighted to welcome Fife based Just Whisky Auctions to the first Fife Whisky Festival on 10th March.

Based in Dunfermline, Just Whisky started in 2013 by three friends – Yuri, Graham and Matteo – and has grown to become one of the best whisky auction sites in, what has become, a flourishing and competitive market.

If you’re unfamiliar with whisky auction sites, they essentially afford you the chance to buy and sell collectable whiskies. Whether those whiskies are old, limited editions or discontinued bottlings or whether they’re purchased as an investment or (and this is our favourite bit!) to open and drink, is entirely up to you!Just Whisky offer a great service to both buyers and sellers and their rates are extremely competitive. You can find out all about them by heading along to the Just Whisky Auctions stand and chatting to the team. If you play your cards right, they might just pour you a dram of something special!