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Single Cask Whisky

The Single Cask

Published on: 28/08/18 by Justine

The name pretty much sums it up! Each bottle of whisky from The Single Cask comes from, well…a single cask. With the mission of ensuring that each whisky ends up in your glass in its purest form, what’s also great is that all of the Single Cask releases are un-chillfiltered, naturally coloured and bottled at natural strength.

This independent bottler started in 2010 and now has whisky bars and shops in both the UK and Singapore. As well as offering superb single cask bottlings, The Single Cask team can also arrange cask ownership.

We’re delighted that The Single Cask will be sharing their whisky wares with you all once again at 2019’s Fife Whisky Festival. Make sure you say hello to Tom and enjoy a dram or two from their splendid selection!

Single Cask Whisky


James Eadie

Published on: 18/08/18 by Justine

So, who is, or was, James Eadie? Maybe the best person to answer that question is Rupert Patrick, his great great grandson:

We can’t wait to welcome Leon and the James Eadie team back to the Fife Whisky Festival in March 2019.

Not only will they be pouring Trademark X – a delicous peaty whisky – they’ll also be pouring a selection of their single cask and small batch bottlings.

James Eadie Blair Athol 14

We hope there’ll still be some Blair Athol 14 years left by March; it’s so tasty it’s likely that our bottle here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ will need replacing.


Strathearn Distillery (2018)

Published on: 10/12/17 by Justine

Over the border, in Methven in Perthshire, lies Strathearn distillery. Billed as ‘probably Scotland’s smallest distillery’, it was founded in 2013 by Tony Reeman-Clark.

The very first release of the distillery’s single malt went on sale in November 2016 via online whisky auction house, Whisky Auctioneer. Bottle number 001 fetched just over £4000! Earlier this year, in March, I was lucky enough to taste some Strathearn whisky at a tasting held at the Royal Mile Whiskies shop in Edinburgh. Without wishing to spoil things for you, all I’ll say is that when you head to the Fife Whisky Festival in March next year, if this dram was anything to go by, you’ll be in for a real treat!

As well as producing single malts, those at Strathearn believe that each cask has its own, unique character. Therefore, releases from this distillery are all single cask expressions.

Innovation is key to Strathearn and, in addition, to whisky, there are many other offerings in their portfolio: gin, rum and cider brandy.

Who knows what the wonderfully crazy team from Strathearn will be pleasing your palate with on 10th March? Just be sure to head over to the Strathearn stand to find out!


Creative Whisky Company (2018)

Published on: 16/10/17 by Justine

Have you ever read ‘The Distilleries of Campbeltown: The Rise and Fall of the Whisky Capital of the World’? If the answer to that question is ‘no’; get yourself a copy. And soon! If it’s ‘yes’, you’ll recognise the name David Stirk. Not only is David the author of this book, which rests on every whisky geek’s bookshelf, he is also the founder of the Creative Whisky Company.

With a background in the industry including roles at Whisky Magazine and Cadenhead’s, David founded the company in 2005. This independent bottler might have been under the radar of the average whisky drinker; I’ll admit that, until a few years ago, I hadn’t heard of them. That changed when I started to chat to Paul McKendrick, the general manager of the company, at a Whisky Shop tasting. Incidentally, Paul used to be the manager of the Victoria Street branch of the Whisky Shop before moving to this post. Although most definitely available in the UK, he explained that a great deal of their whisky is sold in overseas markets such as Scandinavia and Asia. However, the company also values its Scottish customers very highly and so we are thrilled to say that the Creative Whisky Company will be joining us at the first Fife Whisky Festival on 10th March!

All of the Creative Whisky Company’s bottlings are single cask, naturally coloured and non-chill filtered.

Be sure to say hello to David, Paul and the Creative Whisky team and appreciate a dram from their outstanding selection.