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Kingsbarns and Wemyss Malts

Published on: 18/09/18 by Justine

Having visited Kingsbarns distillery several times now, we can say that a few things have changed since St Andrews Day 2014 when, founder, Douglas Clement’s ‘From Dream To Dram’ distillery was officially opened.

The first spirit came off the stills in January 2015 and in December this year, those members of the Founders Club, who supported Kingsbarns right from the start, will be rewarded with the inaugural bottling. We look forward to a general release shortly afterwards. If the recently released two year old spirit drink, created from two first fill ex-bourbon barrels, is anything to go by, these are exciting times.

Doug has since moved on to more success with a new venture, Fife Ambassadors, and the distillery is now owned and operated by the Wemyss family, who were partners from the beginning. Here at Fife Whisky Festival HQ, we still mourn the loss of the amazing Velvet Fig, a limited edition blended malt from Wemyss Malts. Thankfully, they still create plenty of other delicious whisky.


As you can probably guess, we’re big fans of the Kingsbarns and Wemyss Malts teams and we’re delighted that they’re returning to the Fife Whisky Festival on 9th March. Whether it’s from their blended malts ranges (bottled at both 46% abv and at batch strength), their new Family Casks range or their single cask offerings, whichever dram you taste, you’ll not leave the Wemyss Malts stand disappointed!


For those of you who also enjoy a malternative, Wemyss’ Darnley’s Gin and Darnley’s Spiced Gin aren’t too shabby either! Now that the new Darnley’s gin distillery is up and running at Kingsbarns, it’d be the perfect opportunity to taste them if you haven’t already.